Most incredible barn find car – 4.3 mile Camaro IROC Z

    In 2008, one of the best barn find cars was found from an abandoned truck trailer, and the car was found in a 1985 Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z. Surprisingly, the car was all there alone for over two decades.

    No one could ever imagine, other than a rusty and decayed vehicle that is almost gone, from a barn find car hibernated 24 years by 2008. But, the situation was much different. The condition of the vehicle was merely unpredictable. We introduced this particular Camaro classic as one of the best barn finds ever.

    The story of the Car before 2008

    In 1985, the original owner ordered this Camaro car brand new. It was supposed to notify the owner by the dealer when the car arrived on the transporter. The car has been transferred directly from the transporter to a flatbed tow vehicle and brought to the owner’s storage yard. The original plan with the car was something different. The owner wanted to make a street rod type car out of this Camaro IROC Z itself. The engine was supposed to be swapped for a big block, suspensions to be reworked, adding custom wheels and tires, a complete audio upgrade, and much more. Early with this project, the stock Camaro wheels that came with the car were sold to finance the project. Due to one or many reasons, this car project has moved very slowly, and finally, it ended up keeping this fantastic car in a trailer for two decades.

    Story in 2008

    The original owner had no intention of selling this car, but with time, @qbansmokr was able to buy this hidden treasure. When @qbansmokr took the car out of the trailer Camaro was covered by dust and grime. But dust couldn’t hide the value of this car. There were much hidden things underneath the dust.

    No one would ever encounter a barn-find car with its original factory wrap, untouched accessories, original bill sheet, receipts, factory chalk marks, and very low mileage. But they all were with this Camaro. It was sharp 4.3 miles on the ODO meter by the time the car was taken out of the trailer. Everything was in an excellent shape except the vehicle needed a carefully treated cleanup.

    Here is a collection of images taken before the first wash in years.

    Cleaning, waxing, and performing internal technical operations have been done very carefully on this barn find car. Even after two decades, most interior, exterior, and mechanical parts have survived. Minor replacements and cleaning procedures have been performed on the Camaro to get it running. This is the Car after the first wash in years.

    Another important thing about this barn-finding Camaro IROC Z is that this was never restored. It is still in the original factory condition even after these years.

    Present Days of the Car

    A couple of years later, this Camaro was purchased by Ken Thwaits, the founder of He is one of the Camaro collectors with a fine collection of rare Camaros.

    Unfortunately, some miles have been added to the car during the transport to here and there. It is now 9 miles on the ODO meter. Ken is more enthusiastic about this Camaro, and he treats it in a better way. He has kept all the original stuff that came with the car (Original factory wrapping, etc.) He has no intention of adding more miles to the vehicle; instead, it will be something worth preserving.

    After all, this is one of its kind with 9 miles on the ODO meter, One for the whole world, and was once a barn find car. We must Thank all people who engaged in preserving this 36 year of old time capsule. It could have told many stories but was hibernated for decades.

    More technical stuff that happened to the car can be found at
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