MBUX Hyperscreen: Mercedes unveils unbelievable tomorrow’s display

    Automobile giant Mercedes-Benz has unveiled it’s brand new MBUX Hyperscreen, planned to be shipped with the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS. Mercedes is becoming serious about revolutionary cockpit displays. They proved it with their very first MBUX in 2018. Rapid research and developments have improved the classical analog displays into something unbelievable. MBUX is enormous this time, so it has become the most extensive human-machine interface by Mercedes-Benz.

    MBUX Hyperscreen on an EQS. (image from

    What is MBUX?

    Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is an infotainment system that offers exciting features to customize your drive. Artificial Intelligence integrated into the MBUX learns the driver’s past behavior to understand and present preferences and offer suggestions. Mercedes-Benz launched its first MBUX in 2018 with A-Class, which has been rolled out on other models. MBUX can control various vehicle settings, including seat positions, ambient lighting settings to driving modes. It also handles in-car entertainment, driver’s mobile phone calls, contacts, diary, navigation, and other modern infotainment system features.

    What is new with MBUX Hyperscreen?

    The new MBUX Hyperscreen combines unique electrical aesthetics with outstanding user-friendliness. The powerful networking of all systems based on intelligent and adaptive software makes the Hyperscreen the vehicle’s brain and the nervous system simultaneously as it is connected to all components of the car, and they all communicate to the Hyperscreen.

    The new curved MBUX Hyperscreen spans nearly the entire dashboard for a total screen span of 141 cm. This unique screen unit consists of three seamlessly merged displays.

    • A 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster.
    • A 17.7-inch infotainment screen.
    • A 12.3-inch screen for the front passenger.
    MBUX Hyperscreen, digital gauge cluster. (Image from
    MBUX Hyperscreen infotainment screen (image from

    Analog air vents are integrated into this large digital surface to connect the digital and physical worlds.

    MBUX Hyperscreen analog air vents (image from

    The zero-layer interface concept makes the MBUX Hyperscreen more interesting. Users need not navigate to any feature with a scroll through a menu or use voice commands. Instead, essential elements are always available on the screen within the driver’s field of vision. This is the most extensive human-machine interface ever built by Mercedes-Benz to date.

    “Mercedes Travel Knowledge” functionality empowers the Hyperscreen by evaluating map data and provides much information such as landmarks along with the route, individual buildings, or points of interest to entire cities. This information will appear on the respective display. Since the Hyperscreen is equipped with the MBUX Linguatronic Voice control with a Natural Language understanding feature, the voice assistant will respond.

    Since the advanced voice assistant is onboard, it can respond to anything the user asks for. It is like speaking to a friend in the passenger seat. Onboard and offboard system guaranteeing timely and appropriate responses. This is like talking to the famous automotive star KITT in the ’80s, but it is promising with Mercedes-Benz.

    Technical information on the MBUX Hyperscreen

    CPU Cores8
    RAM24 GB
    Memory Bandwidth46.4 GB/s
    Glass TypeGorilla Glass
    Width141 cm
    Surface area2432 cm2


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